Blockchains and cryptography providing a basis for trusted software.


Open records and auditable logs protect against corruption.


The most secure software is useless if no one can use it. We make cryptography accessible for all.


Collectively developing solution to meet the particular needs of real stakeholders.

Why work with us?

With deep technical knowledge of many areas of blockchain as well as web and mobile application development, we can create a solution that is both robust and easy to use.


Design the whole stack before writing code. Consider throughput, security, and programmability of the chain. Choose your consensus algorithm wisely. Look at blockchain interfaces, APIs and SDKs to match your desired frontend application stack.


For smaller projects, we can build a solution for you in-house. For larger projects, we can design the system, and implement it alongside your in-house team, training them in every aspect of blockchain along the way.


Having thought deeply about decentralized governance before blockchain made this possible, and having participated in designing the governance structure for two chains, we can advise you on how to create a fair, effective, and engaging governance system to manage your blockchain.

Areas of Expertise

An overview of the work we have done.


Blockchain Frameworks


Ethan Frey was the original author of the cosmos-sdk v0.7 and v0.8, back in 2017. Creating most of the abstractions currently in use. Cosmos-SDK is most popular and supported framework, for building apps on tendermint in the cosmos ecosystem


Building on that experience, Confio developed the Weave SDK up to version 0.6, when it was donated to iov-one, the most active users and maintainers of the framework.
It simplifies most of the abstractions in Cosmos SDK, provides much stronger support for client libraries, and works as a series of libraries rather than a framework, allowing you to pick and choose which parts work for you project and wire them together as you wish, allowing maximum flexibility.

Proof Format

Under contract for the ICF, we defined a protocol specification and multiple implementations for Interchain Standards 23: Vector Commitments. This provides a generic proof format for almost any merkle tree, along with libraries to verify in Typescript, Go, and Rust, allowing better interoperability


Ethan Frey also authored the first clear specification of IBC in September 2017, filling in the details for Jae Kwon's original design in the Cosmos Whitepaper, and adding clear support for in-order message delivery, receipt acknowledgement, timeouts, and more. This was informed by learnings from flaws in a first implementation of IBC.
This was followed up in November 2017 with a full technical specification, designed to inform implementation.


IBC: Interblockchain Communication


Blockchain Governance

Proof of Engagement

Martin has been spearheading analysis and design towards a more robust proof-of-stake alternative, geared towards providing security and incentives in newer bootstrapped networks. Explored in a series of articles:

Voting System

Ethan designed and help implement a set of contracts for on-chain goverance, that can provide the technical basis for anything from DAOs to validator selection.

CosmWasm: Web Assembly on Cosmos SDK

Another contract from the ICF, to productionize our winning project from Berlin Hackatom. Integrating the high-performance web assembly engine (in rust) with existing Cosmos SDK logic.
This is a multi-facetted project, involving:


Smart Contracts

Our team members

A small but efficient team of experts, bringing experience from a number of blockchains, particularly centered around the Cosmos ecosystem and inter-chain solutions. Available to build solutions for those who want to push the limits of blockchain tech.

team member
Ethan Frey

Ex-cosmos dev with years of experience in distributed systems, cryptography, web design, and blockchain. And a strong desire to build something meaningful to humankind

team member
Martin Worner
COO / VP Product

Years of experience in banking, fintech, and consulting. Strong eye for product design.


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The team works through Confio UO, a Limited Liability company registered in Estonia.