Confio is looking for people to join the team remotely.
Company Values
We highly value trust, that is why our name is "Confio".
When others talk only about "trustless", we will bring "trustworthy" to our product.
We work closely and transparently internally.
We grow together with our community. People matter to us. Technology should be accessible to everyone.

Open Positions

CosmWasm is a smart contract container written in Rust. We have a core team that have written the container and are making it accessible through javascript libraries.
Rust Engineer
We are looking for a Senior React Engineer to join our team. To make blockchains accessible we need to build some stunning UIs that abstract the complexity, luckily we have built some lovely libraries to help build web apps that interact with the blockchain.
Senior React Engineer
We are looking for an enthusiastic community manager to join us!
Community Manager
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